Home automation

Enjoy simplicity, total control of your entire home, it’s so easy anyone can use it. Intuitive touch screens allow total control with no instruction manual needed!

Delegate the mundane tasks like opening your curtains and blinds and controlling lighting and heating systems to your ‘personal concierge’ and get on with enjoying the thrill of a full cinema in your home and music everywhere.

In Kontrol are market leaders with many of the finest installs out there.


The most important thing in life is your family. Add peace of mind with a surveillance camera system that can record months of activity.

CCTV camera technology that allows viewing even in pitch black conditions.

Cameras automatically appear on screens around your home in response to a visitor arriving and being accessible via the internet give you total peace of mind and security, both of which are priceless in today's society.

Lighting control

No doubt you have experienced how good lighting design can affect a room’s ambience and mood. The simple elegance of a lighting control keypad that is able to control either a circuit of lights, an entire room, the entire house, or any combination thereof.

A lighting keypad in your Master Bedroom can control all of your room’s lighting, a single button can dim the lighting to a preset scene for a romantic mood, a second button can light a pathway to your kitchen, and the third button can turn off all of the lights in your house.

We can even integrate your alarm and fire alarm systems into your lighting and provide automatic light activation in the event of a fire or intruder and also set a ‘vacation mode’ to mimic occupancy of your home in your absence.

Audio visual/multimedia

The luxury of a multi room audio system can be enjoyed throughout your home, making your music collection easily accessible, whether with one of our media servers or streamed wirelessly from your iPod or iPhone, which can integrate seamlessly into your system.

For many of us the only audio/video equipment we want to see is our display or projection screen. Having a Blu-Ray or DVD player, cable or satellite box, and a stack of other equipment in each room is not only unsightly, it results in redundant components, extra energy usage, and presents the challenge of where to hide it all. Another inconvenience is running around the house to find which room your Blu-Ray, DVD or CD was left in. As well as having to watch your recorded programmes in the room ‘that’ TV recorder is located in.

Our design team has years of experience integrating audio video and are able to distribute it to every room in your home from a centrally located equipment rack. Even a large 10-bedroom home may require as little as two satellite receivers, with video and audio distribution all of your music, movies and TV programmes are centrally stored giving you house-wide playback.


Experience total escapism in your new home theatre with picture and sound quality exceeding a commercial cinema. All custom designed to meet your performance and aesthetic goals.

A high performance home theatre is much more than the sum of its components, our team have years of experience in choosing the best components for your budget, installing them correctly, and tuning them to your room’s unique acoustics. Just one touch on your touch panel... lights fade slowly, the screen appears, the movie cues... it is time for an amazing experience! We promise it will be on of your favourite destinations.

"Popcorn not included".


Our structured wiring systems are designed to manage and distribute existing and future technologies throughout your home or office.

Structured wiring allows you to share your internet connection with multiple computers, shared printers, files, games, applications, music and movies throughout your home enabling you to watch or listen to digital content from multimedia servers, satellite or DVDs on every TV from a single source.

In Kontrol installs structured wiring solutions that become the backbone of your home’s communication system including; telephone, data, Cat5e, CCTV, Cable TV, satellite coax, and fibre optic communication paths. With digital HD video broadcasts and streaming digital HD media capabilities it’s important to make sure your home is correctly wired for today and into the future. Not all systems are created equal, it pays to ask questions, give us a call, we’re here to help.


The most important concept is - simplicity, an automated home that is too complicated to operate is not really a ‘smart home’. Designing a truly ‘smart home’ is our commitment to you, we deliver unparalleled results time and time again.

From preliminary drawings through to total completion, In Kontrol offer a turnkey solution with total project management. Do not think of us as just a ‘home automation provider’, our experience spans many years of project management and control, and as each project is unique, we can cover all disciplines, from bespoke furniture design, space planning, electrical, plumbing, lighting design in fact pretty much everything. Co-ordinated solutions will save you both time and money.